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Welcome to NextStep!

Wind Energy Calculator

The Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative (VWEC) office at James Madison University started the NextStep Initiative in July 2003. NextStep is intended to provide you, the Virginia landowner, with a comprehensive set of analysis tools to consider your personal wind resource and potential for wind energy production.

This resource performs the appropriate energy output and economic calculations to provide you with meaningful technical information. The aim is to make this process as transparent, educational and informative as possible, thus empowering the landowner to make good decisions and to participate in public discussions.

>Your household electricity rates will be used to calculate your potential net savings over a 20-year wind turbine lifetime. The final analysis will presented in a report that includes a range of turbine capacity options and tower heights for your site. The estimates of wind energy production and economic analysis summaries will indicate whether investment in wind power is a logical choice. Regardless of whether your summary is encouraging or not, you will be guided through the decision process within NextStep.

Once you create a user profile and sign in, you will be able to enter information, save any progress and resume later, and finally complete your submission. We welcome all questions that may arise during the process.

We take very seriously any concerns about privacy. The NextStep process requires information about your property and energy use. This information will not be released to anyone and will be used only to perform your personal analysis and assist in answering any questions you may have.

To begin:

1. Create a user profile by Registering or Log In if you have already set up a username and password.

2. Simply follow the steps provided on each page.

3. Consult your electricity bill and make note of how many kilowatt-hours of electricity you use per year, it will be used later in the process.